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I was sold a car infested with roaches on 8/29 from the Glenwood Raleigh used car store, the car arrived after deal was almost completed and the salesman Chris asked if we should test very reluctantly I also noticed all floor mats were in back of car not and floor was extremely sticky. I purchased 2020 Ford Edge and days later noticed bugs around my pocketbook when I drove car so I decided to spray car and was astonished when hundreds of roaches came out of every crevice of car.

I was at my daughters when this happened n still had to get home. At this point I had visited her and taken things out of car into my home. So Ive since had to hit exterminators for her home and mine I had to throw away a $500 pocketbook and $300 dollars with of beach equipment. I almost crashed car driving home n back to dealership to return to the point the distracted driver alert came on.

When returning vechicle and picking up the car traded which was still at dealership 7 days later I saw my radio was stolen. I had traded car because I told dealership my car had a recall with airbags thats why I was trading in removing radio made me nervous to drive car because the tampering with the dashboard. I insisted on a rental which the agreed to. But not until next day.

Ive missed work, Ive lost over $2500 through this whole ordeal. I am nervous to drive and feel I should be compensated for me loses.

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

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This was at glenwood ave location Raleigh NC

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