17335 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764, USA
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While I was in Ohio, my explorer needed more work than it was worth. My husband went to Enterprise in Clearwater on Dec.

18, 2017 and purchased a 2016 Dodge Journey. He paid cash, including an additional 350.00 for title, tags, etc., and purchased an extended warranty. I came home on Jan 8th and we went to 2 DMV's for tags, only to be told they had no record of this transaction. We drove to Enterprise and met with Ulysses, who remembered my husband and the fact that my name was to be on the car.

We filled out the paperwork to take caee of that, I signed it and he gave us our tags. A month later, I went to the DMV to get the title and was told it was only in my husbands name and it would be 85.00 to put my name on. I have called over and over to get this taken care of and all I get is no return calls and hung up on. I was told the paperwork had already been sent to DMV when I signed, but the DMV said they didnt receive ANYTHING until the 13th of January.

Enterprise is full of liars! A few weeks later, the windows wouldn't go up or down because the wire harness was bad. A week later, I noticed the bin under the front bumper looked like it was broken. They kept accusing me of hitting something.

The manager finally had the integrity of checking previous photos and found it was done before we purchased it. They day they fixed it, I noticed a pull on the front passanger seat. I pulled it up and found a storage pin under the seat...FULL OF FOOD CRUMBS! Every nook and craney of this car was filthy!!

It was absolutely NOT cleaned!! When I had the oil checked, the oil was filthy. It had not been changed because they had been unable to get the plug out because it was broken off, so they just left it.

They are absolutely the shadiest bunch of crooked used car salesmen. Like a bunch of vultures waiting for the next victim.

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