Hartford, Connecticut
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Recently my husband and I called to make an appointment to visit the Milford CT. Enterprise Car Sales location. We had been told by our local rental guy to check it out.

We asked if we needed to select a car online before we arrived, understanding that we had the entire network to choose from. We were told, NO, they would be happy to assist us when we got there.

We narrowed our possibilites to 2-3 makes and a few models.We were willing to spend about 16K.

We arrived and got passed to someone other than the person we had an appointment with, and that was OK because she offered people skills that surpassed his. ...then we got passed back to him. He puncuated our visit by attempting to sell us something that was in his lot, offered no help seeking the type of vehicle, and abbreviated our visit by telling us there was only one car in the entire network that was available to us. Of course, I went home and there were approximately 30 cars online,in one make alone available, and within our price range.

We were never called once for followup, although we expressed the need to purchase a car.

My husband and I both immediately were aware that this service did not not compliment the high standards of excellence we have experienced from all other aspects of Enterprise.

This salesmen was arrogant,condesending and pushy, and extremely ill-mannered. When I told him his behavior reflected that of a used car salesman, he snickered, and touted that he was! (Also incongruent with the message Enterprise is selling in their ads.)

This was a terrible experience for us. Most disapointing was that Enterprise Car sales ended up being just one more sleazy used car dealership.

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Well, it looks like you got a good response from enterprise.Now days its a rarity to get any help,much less a reply in good standing,from a big corporation,I bought a cadillac from M.L.B.Leasing on Camp Bowie Blvd. , and got the royal shaft.We all learn to hold on to our money very tightly now days.



This is Marianne from Enterprise Car Sales. We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with our Milford location.

We would like to speak to you about your experience.

Please email us at csbusdev@erac.com with the best way to contact you. Thanks!