Duluth, Georgia

It took me almost a month to get back in touch with Enterprise regarding a tire pressure sensor issue. Initially, the employee (Stacy) who I spoke with was supposed to do a background check to see if the issue was their fault and thus they would assist me in getting work done since the tire warranty wasn't covering the sensor issue.

Well..I had to keep calling and after a month and speaking to three other employees who "told Stacy I had called", I finally got back in touch with him and was told it was out of the grace period so they couldn't do anything..??? What?? I called the corporate office and I'm waiting on them to get back with me.

It's ridiculous because if that was really the problem (the "grace period"), that could have been said a month ago! I'm not satisfied with that response after having to follow up for a month.

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i just spent my life savings (18,000)i am going through the same issues with these people--will let you know more DETAILS tomorrow


you are just replying on the internet so it LOOKS as if your company is really trying to help people!!!!!!

there are WAY TOO MANY COMPLAINTS against enterprise - if you guys were THAT WILLING AND HELPFUL in the first place

come on now - I am apart of the MARKETING TEAM!! and i was burned before i worked here -

this place is all about the money and looking good....

UNLESS YOU GET SOMETHING IN WRITING via what to fix etc and go around the car and check for issues the SAME WAY that they do when you are bringing the car BACK - DONT BUY FROM THEM!



I'm sorry to hear you've been having issues with communication and your vehicle. We can look into this further for you and address it with the group manager over tgis location. If you would like to give us that opportunity please email me with your name and email address/phone where we may reach you to csbusdev@erac.com