Yonkers, New York

I rented a car from Enterprise and they charged me for someone else's ticket. I have tried to rectify this 6 times already and they just ignore me.

They even lied to Citibank when I disputed the charge. I sent a formal demand letter about two weeks ago (which they ignored) and will take them to small claims court (hopefully, they'll ignore the summons and not show up) if Citbank doesn't respond favourably to the complaint I filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

For the love of God, there is a different license plate number on the contract and parking ticket and I didn't even drive the car far enough to get the ticket. Terrible customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

  • Small claims court
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Despite the buttholery of the location and the subhumans who flagged this as ***, the area manager (a gentleman named Brian) got in touch with me and gave me my 75 dollars back.

Thank you EnterpriseCares and thank you Brian for your prompt help. To the flaggers, kiss my ***.


Anonymous 1 hour ago Review #: 379829,

I am on the social team at Enterprise and would very much like to discuss this further.Please email me at care[at]enterprise.com with the complete details, exact renting location, and any rental agreement numbers. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. (Chris)