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I went to Enterprise to purchase a 2010 Toyota Sequoia I saw online. The SUV was in ABQ, NM and I agreed to pay the non-refundable $250 transfer fee in order for the right to buy a car.

Finally, after 2 weeks I received a phone call from the Peoria office stating that the car was in but was damaged in transport. (When initially agreeing to transport the car I was quite hesitant but was assured that in 5 years damage has only occurred once) After telling me about the damage, no specific details mind you, I was informed there was another Sequoia in Okla that they would ship to me for free. It had more miles and was the same price but had captains' chairs in the 2nd row which I did not want. I was told that my $250 was non-refundable and I could not even get a credit towards a future purchase/transfer even though I never even had a chance to buy the car.

Something did not seem right to me so I did a little research and investigating. The truck the I paid $250 to transfer in came up in an online search in the Tempe office. So, my wife decided to call over there and act like she was interested in the car. Well, the salesman who answered the phone said the car was sold a couple days ago!

So basically, this company had me transfer the car for them for free so they could sell it to the highest bidder! I called the Peoria office and told them they had a chance to come clean which they did not. I then explained what I had found out and that I wanted a refund or I would go to the news with this story. Needless to say they refunded my money quickly.

Let this story be a warning to all out there do not fall for their scams and DO NOT TRANSFER a car from out of state.

As a side note a person from the Peoria office did call me back and said there was a "mix up" and that another Sequoia came in that day and had damage but the one I wanted was fine and they sold it by accident.

Ummm, do they really believe I am that dumb? I hope this review saves some people the trouble of dealing with these *** artists.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Enterprise Car Sales

azphils2008, Again, we're sorry to hear about your experience. I sent you a message on Yelp, and would appreciate the opportunity to address this with management.

Please send me a message back or email me directly at Thanks - Keri