Front Royal, Virginia
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Salesman told me in front of a witness that the Kia Optima had 60,000 miles and 5 years left on the factory warranty. I found out from the dealer after I bought the car that it had 30,000 miles and three years left on the warranty.

It was not a misunderstanding but simply an old fashion sleazy used car salesman scam. I was never told that the car had only 3 years and 30,000 miles left on the warranty. I wrote the Enterprise and did not get a response.

Honesty is hype and sleaze is their policy.

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I has a similar experience in California. I PURCHASED an extended warranty which was supposed to bring my 3 year, 36,000 miles UP TO 6 years and 72,000 miles.

(The car was one year old and had 30,000 miles on it. When I received the paperwork, they added 36,000 miles onto the 30,000 and it's only covered for 66,000 miles. I called the salesman and he told me, that's what they do, and I should just accept the fact that I will have double coverage for 6000 miles.

I am going to cancel the extended warranty, and purchase it when I reach 36,000 miles. However, I can't find anyone except for the salesman to contact.


you ***, the salesmen meant that WHEN YOU BUY THEM USED YOU GET THE REMAINDER...YES REMAINDER OF THE 5YR/ 60,000 MILE WARRANTY....let me bought the car with 30,000 miles and it was a 2008 right??? have 3 yrs/ 30,000 left on the 5yr, 60,000 warranty....***


This sounds like you didn't really pay attention to what you were being told, or bother to do any sort of research before you signed a contract. A google search of "kia warranty" shows that the 2nd owner has a 60-month/60,000 mile warranty... Next time you spend $10,000-20,000 on a car you might want to spend 2 minutes on google...


My guess is this was simply a misunderstanding on your part. Kia has a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty after the first owner.

What are the odds that the car you bought had 30,000 miles on it when you bought it?

Meaning, yes they were right the car does have a 60,000 warranty on it, but only 30k left. How hard did you listen?