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I purchased my vehicle 3 weeks ago, and during the test drive I told the salesperson that I noticed that the brakes were squeaking and he said that the brakes were new. On the second day after purchasing the vehicle the car cut off and I had to coast to the side of the street and re-start it.

I called the dealer and was told "let's see if it happens again", I told him that it should have never happened to began with but okay. As I continue to drive the car it seemed to hesitate to go from a stop position and I would have to really press on the accelerator to avoid it possibly shutting off again. Last week I called the dealer back and was told to bring it in after Labor day and I would be placed in a rental while the car is repaired. Today 9/9/15 I took the vehicle in to Firestone, and was given a rental however I had to cover the deposit and pay for the insurance or use my own insurance.

I became very upset, 1. I purchased their certified pre-owned vehicle with a check to pay it in full. 2. I am a employee of enterprise.

3. I should not have to pay not one cent for the insurance or use my own insurance. 4. I drive their vehicles all the time and am not required to use my insurance or pay for their insurance (during the scope of my job).

5. The location where I purchased my vehicle is saying that is all they can do, I ask to speak to someone who has the authorization who has the authority to make this right. Only to be told that there was no one there because the only person who can do anything is off today. 6.

I was told by the sales office that the front brake pads needed to be replaced but Firestone could not find anything else wrong with the car and I can return the rental which was given to me as a courtesy. 7. If is was given as a courtesy then why am I having to pay a deposit and for insurance? Really, get out of here with all of this.

As a employee and as a customer I am very upset and the way I am being treated.I would like to be reimbursed for the insurance and I would like for someone to call me immediately to follow up on this complaint. My information can be obtained by contacting the 32RP branch office, and I am sure anyone there can give you my information.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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