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I went into Enterprise Car Sales on 12/01/2014 to possibly purchase a SAFE and DEPENDABLE source of transportation. I was assisted by Aaron Adams who assured me that I would be getting something safe and dependable.

I had a voucher for 3000.00 however my credit is bad so I wasn't sure if I would get anything. Ironically I was approved and apparently there was only one vehicle that I was approved for. It was about 39 degrees outside so this sale went very fast, he took out to look at the car, never offered to test drive the car, we completed the paper work and he said to bring it back tomorrow so that he could gas up the vehicle and clean it. I returned the next day Aaron washed and put gas in the car for me and sent me on my way.

When I pulled out the parking lot the car was driving but it had a mist or sputter type feeling, I wasn't sure if it was the gas or not. I continued on my journey home and the car began to jolt and vibrate as if it were going to stall out in the middle of the intersection. I called and reported the problem was told to bring the car back again so they it could be taken to dealership or firestone to be looked at. I took my car back the next day and it was returned a few days later and I was told that there were 5 components that were check out and they all were good so the car was good, no paper work was provided to show any proof that it was worked on and I did request the paper work.

So the problems did persist so I called on the next day which happens to be a Saturday Aaron informed me that he was off and to call the office. So I did just that, and spoke with Job, he told me that we should get it looked at again by the dealer, left it up to me to get that appt. scheduled, which I did. So I finally get to my appt.

at the Ford dealership didn't expect my car to be in the shop to long so I arranged for the shuttle to return me to my place of employment. To my surprise, the car needed a clutch or something and it would be a few days before they could replace it. That left me without a vehicle for several days, I called Job in reference to this he told me to call the emrp warranty line and they would get me in a rental, I called them and was told that they had no records of me, I didn't understand because we had just had this issue last week and getting a rental was no problem now it was like no one could get me a rental and paper work was missing so emrp couldn't help me out. I expressed to Job that this was not fair and I didn't appreciate being treated like a number.

I am still having car issues.

My main complaint is that the car was raggedy when I purchased it and the *** 7day return policy doesn't state business or calander days so on day 8 or day 5 of business when I attempted to return the car I was told that I couldn't because I was outside of my 7 days. So basically I got exactly what I didn't want, a car that runs horribly and has known issues of not being safe and I have a kid that I am not comfortable transporting because of the issues that I have.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Enterprise Car Sales Cons: Customer service.

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Honestly, I'm sorry you had that experience. But your only mistake was not persisting in requesting to test drive the car.

NEVER buy a car without test driving it first. It's a lot of money to waste, and just a few minutes to check with a quick drive. ESPECIALLY if you have a child. With one test drive you could have found out this problem and avoided all of this all together.

I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta that I got from the dealer (lease), 3 months later the clutch was doing the same thing, now it needs to be replaced due to re-call, so I understand your anger and frustration and disappointment. Hope it all works out for you.


dlamcclain, We take customer service seriously, and would like to discuss your experience further. Can you email me directly at so that we may address your concerns with the proper management team? Thanks - Keri