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On friday I bought a 2011 nissan altima from enterprise car sales. On the test drive the car was shaking really bad, I told the salesman and he assured me everything would be fiixed.

I came back to pick the car up, the car was low on oil,coolant, and washer fluid(mind you the car just came from being serviced o_O). I was riding with the salesman and he began to shake again, he told me that was normal because it was a 4 cyclinder(WTH) I know I look like I am 12 but I am not dumb. My secondary MOS in the army is a mehcanic so I so know a little something. I return the car on Monday( my 3rd day of having it) and the manager said I could return it because he has had a problem in the past with the salesman misleading and lieing to customers.

I get home and like 2 hours later he calls and says I have to pay them 200 dolllars to re-certifed the car, I wouldn't have a problem if money had been exhacneged they have not even sent the paperwork to my bank and no check has been cut. I did not have a trade in or down payment. If they were honest I would not feel taken advantage of.

I feel like they played me because of how I look. I can only pray for people like them and let God deal with them because he can handle them better than me cursing them out.

Monetary Loss: $15721.

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Hello, Thanks you for reaching out to us, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns. Could you please email us at to let us know which branch you purchased from and the best way to contact you? Thanks - Keri