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I purchased a car from Enterprise car sales on May 23rd. On June 4th I get a call saying they wanted to run my credit again.

I was confused as to why. My cresit was ran before i got approved for the car. The bank was lined up, contract signed, and i had the car already over 13 days. Later that day the bank called me to welcome me and finalize everything.

Gave me my due date for payment and all. On Thursday i got a call from Enterprise saying they wanted the car back. The bank backed out of the deal. Ok, while i wasn't pleased i agreed to bring the car back that day but wanted my deposit back.

When i got there to return the car and inquire about ny deposit, i was told i would have to wait on a check from Corporate office. I gave then cash which was taken immediately but i have to wait God knows how long to receive it back. Also i wouldn't be getting the entire deposit because they take a restocking fee. That would be all fine ans dandy if i was the one that breeched the contract but i didn't.

Either way all i want is my refund. The sales manager even tried to regain my business as i was returning the car stating i was still approved and if i come back they will get me into another car. Yea like that will ever happen. I am not coming back there.

I got a better deal, with a better interest rate somewhere else and its the car i really wanted to begin with. Now all i want, like I've said repeatedly, is my money!

Where is my refund? Then i will walk away complete and can put this all behind me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Car Sales Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you can provide a few additional details we'd like to know more and help out.

Please email Care@Enterprise.com with your contact information, your sales details, and all the information above so we can address this further.

Thank you. –Carol H.