October 1st I bought a X3 BMW 2019 lemon from Enterprise Car Sales in Roseville California his name was the manager was Hector the sales associate which took me to the bank to get the $46,000 check was named it sounds like Miracle. When he drove the car to the bank there was not one beep that one noise GPS was displayed which I love because somebody had vandalized my other car's GPS and his manager had told him ha I told him to fill up my gas well we came back to Enterprise car lot and he left me there and said he was taking off to get gas I can show you receipt at my bank statement anyway that I had to get gas because in this 20-minute time for him and which Miracle left no gas was put in I was unsure if I could even make it to a gas station.

What did happen cuz I made a left turn out of the parking lot the sales lot instantly beeps started coming malfunction this malfunction that three months over and service and neither brake pads and it breaks and needs brake fluid and then my heart Tahoe the rotors was shot. It sounded like a snow plow is dragging its Claw on cement it was so loud and so embarrassing and I had gone through being humiliated enough and embarrassed enough through a divorce of no fault of my own. I told Hector the manager and a miracle that I needed something really reliable because of my divorce I was not sure what was going to happen and I even got a $6,700 x 10 days warranty. First text I sent to my sales person took him four days to respond all he responded was call management I'm in Tahoe at a wedding veep's drive me absolutely insane almost to the point of having two rett's syndrome characteristics if not worse so I would definitely know if his car was beeping on the way to the bank to get that check.

Nobody has done one thing for me and I did not feel right calling management at Roseville who sold me this car knowing they had to know what was wrong with his car. I am going to call BMW and get a read on October 1st on the black box and see exactly what happened and then I guess I have to do litigation unless you can do something I'm not threatening that at my wit's end with this car as I sit here with the attached to a battery charger because after I took it to Roseville car sales Roseville BMW dealership now the car won't start all the time and it overheats it's sprayed fluid all over the place and it's BMW reset everything so it looks like they did a service on it so my next service isn't due for 3000 miles they did nothing to this car it's just it's incredible how people just think that they can do whatever they want to do to get that box listen I have a half million dollar business I started from scratch not doing a damn thing what I was doing when I started it I would never treat my customers that way the way I was treated by Roseville. And then another piece of information I have for you sexual discrimination. I wrote in to get a quote on how much they would buy my car for I made it out to be that I was a man all the information wasn't saying that's I presented to them when I rode in as a woman guess how much more they would pay 1 party.

And guess what party would get more yep the make-believe mail would get $5,000 more the same identical car same mileage Etc said they were going to offer me they're offered me $27,000 car for out the door 47 with the $6,700 warranty but I guess I did not need but I was scared I was first time on my own I had no family nobody here I am alone so I wanted this car to be completely covered for anything. The salesperson and the management gave me the piece of paper saying it went through 150 hundred forty-seven point inspection checked off good this is a great car Christina, you won't have any problems with it.

That is where the fraud comes in. I was presented a lemon with so many issues. And the time it took him to get no gas you come back there was something done to this car in the codes for it's you start beeping like crazy when I drove it off the lot.

I have a lot of issues with depression and with being confidence around people was it always like that but I should have gone back I know my part of it but I thought well I can maybe fix the beeps but then all the malfunctions and everything else started coming on and then the brakes a week later and then I got to thinking about the time that my sales person was gone and the time he came back and I drove it off the lot something happened right there the main thrust I was promised a good car inspected 147 points no problems or issues Christina it's certified pre-owned you don't have any issues with this carpet cleaner. As I sit here again I lost $800 on a hotel because every time I tried to get over there it wouldn't start or it overheated then I was exhausted I fell asleep and my eyes are such that I can't drive at night it's a lot of things that happened but the main thrust the most important thing where are the lies that is seats that I was presented with annoyingly at Enterprise Car Sales in Roseville California on North Sunrise ha America knew this would you want to deal with somebody who you knew sold you something so bad again I'm all by myself I don't have anybody to stick up for me and they knew that they took a chance and they won but they're not going to win in the end because this is the first letter of several that I will be sending out and this time I will win and I hope you help me I really hope you. I believe the code was reset when the sales person was supposed to get gas per hectare the manager at Enterprise car sales during that 20 minutes interval when my salesperson took off with the BMW x3 on a fictitious errand to get gas in this car. Which there was no gas.

I have been going around in circles and loops and with my health condition it is not very easy.

what is the problem is; I was sold this car as good. passed inspection.

good car Christina.

Here is the paperwork that shows the passed all 147 points inspected.


THIS CAR instantly needed brakes and brake pads and Brake fluids and it was 3 months overdue on a service. I got stuck on a hill in Tahoe police officer had to drive it down the hill for me I was too afraid and both him and the tow truck driver that helped me that they got your tires are so bald then what are you could not make it I didn't look at these things like I said I've never bought a new car by myself. I never had to deal with maintenance Etc dealing with the car I just got in and drove it sometimes I got gas that shouldn't be any excuse for them to go ahead and sell me this lemon fraudulently I only treated these people at this dealership with respect and kindness.

I was a little frazzled because of my situation and what was going on with my car over at Mazda. When Miracle said, "I'm so glad I got to sell you this car Christina." And then my way out to the car there's a big green bow on it, nice what a nice touch they should have been a yellow bow. I thought he was being kind I don't know what and why you want to sell me this car I don't know much about buying cars I've never bought one of my own. I thought with a name like enterprise I would be okay I would be protected because they have such a high-quality name that they would stand behind any product that they sold or rented.

But who my recent experience is with Enterprise I've come to find out they're not a good name at all.

The way I was treated it's a shame that they're still in business. I want something done. That is besides me sitting in the hotel parking lot having to jump start my car for the 10th time will stay in here having bought for jump boxes for this car yeah people like to take off with them even at really nice hotels. We're having to fall asleep at a fire station because your car overheated and you have to wait.

I don't wait for it to cool down. And the one thing I never want to hear again is so I know exactly how you feel nobody knows how I feel on this to sit on a curb with a beautiful BMW that is going to be painted yellow to reflect its condition that's not a very sweet taste. I have only drove maybe 1500 miles with his car. I bought it when it was close to 48700 and now has 50600 miles.

The warranty did not cover the brake pads. it for $560.

They said that I did that. I did not do that it was a malfunction before. There was a code the first minute I drove it off the lot.

Also the parking assistant malfunction that was one of the first malfunction ones I got when I drove it off the cells left. And they're saying it's not covered because somebody hit something with the the part that does the parking assistant well it wasn't me because that came out right away and the black box from corporate BMW will attest to that plus my text to the sales people at Enterprise car sales in Roseville California is more proof . And then Enterprise Car Sales and Roseville allowed my car to sit at BMW for 5 weeks before giving me information on the warranty coverage or contacting BMW of Roseville. That's not acceptable I do not want ever deal with these people again may I have sent them voicemails with the beat that sounds just CarMax going down the street he be pulling somewhere that's dark and it should be quiet bbbbb go everybody knows I'm here I don't want this car I never want to see this car again I am renting a car tomorrow and this car is going into a European specialized facility because I don't trust the BMW dealership in Roseville because I know they did not perform service and yet they sent it back to like they didn't do service if they did do service then the fluids and everything should have been checked and they weren't nothing was done to this car I can't wait until I see the reading for the black box that's all I can say for now.And then I don't know this car is just...

I look forward to your reply because that will indicate my next steps I need to take but I tell you one thing I will not ever deal with Roseville Enterprise Car Sales.

number one issue is my car.

my God my mother is back in the Michigan she's dying of cancer and I can't even get back there because I got a piece of =/___1 that I bought from somebody I thought had a respectable name. You don't!

Change that for me please.

Most respectfully Christina

5 3 0- 6 1 3 -* * * *

User's recommendation: Even if you have to walk take a bath take a train do not buy a car from Enterprise sales. I bought a lemon under fraudulent charges and when I continue to try to get ahold of my sales rep for days later I got in Tahoe at wedding call manager there's so many things wrong with this car that I knew they knew what they were doing as supposed to be 147 point inspection not even the wiper blades failed.

Location: Reno, Nevada

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You did not buy a lemon. You bought a used car as is.

It can only be a legal lemon if it is still under factory warranty. and some states only if it is less than 24 months old.

It is you fault for not getting a mechanic check ot out first. This is all on you.

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