San Jose, California

On April 1st 2013 I started my journey by making an appointment at Enterprise Car Sales in Mechanicsburg, PA. Well when I said what I had my eye on it seemed the car was forced on me when the Sales member Jessica said I see if we can get you in this today.

She did not ask me if I wanted to buy the car today or when was I looking to purchase. After going through all the bull I looked over the car real well and noticed many details missed on getting the car ready for sale. I told her everything that need to be done. I told Jessica the tires seemed to be very loud and could she have it checked out.

After these things were done so she said (which took for me to call and find out.) 3 days after purchase. Jessica assured me everything was fine, well my tires were still loud and I noticed a ding in the window. I called back she said they can have them checked out and would get the window replaced. Window has been replaced and a few other problems.

My tires are still loud and just last Thursday the 29th, 2013 I took my car to Honda Apple for oil change and they also check your tires as well as rotate. Well the report came back that my tires are feathered that's why there so loud, in other words no good. I just made a call to corporate to see if this can be handled because there is no reason this should of been resolved in the first place. Thanks to Mark who is a manager of some sort, told me that he was not replacing those tires.

I'm beyond pissed because that's extra money I have to dish out for something your told is no problem. If enterprise is all about the money and not the customer they need to be put out of business for sales.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Looking for a car but after these reviews i will NOT be going to enterprise


THIS IS UPSETTING TO READ i wish i would have came across this before i purchased a 17,000 vehicle from these people a couple weeks ago


Unknown, We would be happy to work with you through any issues. Please email me at

Thanks - Keri

Enterprise Car Sales

We're very sorry to hear that you did not have the worry-free experience we intend for each customer to receive. We would like to look into this issue for you.

Could you please email us at with an email address or phone number - so that we may have a manager contact you to discuss this issue further?

@Enterprise Car Sales

you are just replying on the internet so it LOOKS as if your company is really trying to help people!!!!!!

there are WAY TOO MANY COMPLAINTS against enterprise - if you guys were THAT WILLING AND HELPFUL in the first place

come on now - I am apart of the MARKETING TEAM!! and i was burned before i worked here -

this place is all about the money and looking good....

UNLESS YOU GET SOMETHING IN WRITING via what to fix etc and go around the car and check for issues the SAME WAY that they do when you are bringing the car BACK - DONT BUY FROM THEM!