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"I rented a car from Enterprise in West Orange NJ and expressed my ills to the agents that my 2005 STS Cadillac had put me down; and I was in the market for a car. The rental agents expressed how it would be to my advantage to look into Enterprise car sales.

Being hesitant, I was not so interested because I had appointments with 3 different car dealerships. Long story (short version) Being kind, I ask the agent to have a car salesman from Enterprise Car Sales in call me. Anderson Minyetty, Enterprise Car Sales Consultant, in Elmwood Park NJ called and we made the appointment. I arrived at around 2PM which was 2 hours earlier form my scheduled appointment.

With others scheduled customers, Anderson graciously honored me. I figured I would let him know “I’m just looking” and I have other potential appointments. After “squeezing” me in, Anderson forgot about his sales-pitch and we started reminiscing on baseball. Feeling very comfortable with him, I began to express what I was in the market for; after driving a Cadillac for the past 10 years.

I look at several cars on the lot, but then he showed me a Burgundy 2016 Buick La Crosse, whose image was hard to dismiss from my “brain”. After a test drive of the LaCrosse, the car facts, the financing and the payment schedule, I knew my car search was over. For me it was the deal of the century, literally. This is the short version of my Enterprise story.

I would be remiss not to mention Patrick Moriarty, Area Sales Manager in the Car Sales Division. He took the time to explain my financing numbers and the sales agreement. Both men took their time with me. They did not rush nor coerce me into purchasing.

With the generosity and the customer-first sentiment at this Enterprise office, a customer should have a very sound excuse to leave without purchasing a car. A heartfelt “thank you” to Anderson Minyetty and his Supervisor Patrick Moriarty for making me feel like a valued customer.

For those reading this post, a potential buyer’s first choice may be your best choice. I love my Buick!" Sincerely Glenda W.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Car Sales Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Enterprise Car Sales Pros: Customer friendly office.

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Glenda, Enterprise thanks you for the great review and business. We are happy to know this process is what you want in a vehicle buying experience. Enjoy your newest vehicle from Enterprise Car Sales and have a great day!