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I recently purchased a vehicle from Enterprise Car Sales in Louisville Ky. This was a brand new store that had just recently opened up and all the staff seemed so willing and eager to do business.

Long story short, my vehilce is great...and like new, however the driver side floor mat was missing. The rest of the mats in the vehicle were in great shape and matched and were of a very high quality, with the name of the Make of the car sewn into mat. I was told that they would be sure to get me a new mat & they would contact me when it arrived. After about a week to 10 days, I hadnt heard anything back, so i called the dealership.

At that time I was told that they had been unsuccesful at finding a single mat and then they offered me a $50 gift card. I declined the gift card and advised them that I only was needing the mat. At that point is when I realized that this wasn't going to work out for ME in the end. The sales guy then told me...

"we cant pay $200 for a set of mats, so you can have the card" again, I declined and asked to speak to management. I was then talked to and treated as if I was wrong for even askign for what I had been promised. The lady (Maggie) who spoke with me, went on to try & convice me that the sales guy DIDN'T agree to making sure I got a replacement mat and there was noting she could do. After some choice words back & forth between us, we got off the call.

I received a call back within about an hour and Maggie then let me know that she would be getting me the mat after all. This was GREAT news!! So, 2 weeks later when I go to pick up my mat...AGAIN I was shafted!! The mat was of much much much lower quality...did NOT match the rest of the mats in the car...were not ever the same color.

I took the mat which by the way had to be altered to accomodate my hooks and told her she was shady. This is not was agreed upon, nor what I expected.

You would think if I paid $30k for a vehicle, the LEAST they could do is spend $200 to satisfy a customer!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have just purchased a 23k car from enterprise and after reading numerous bad reviews, I'm beginning to have serious doubt if I want to proceed with this sale. I've been ripped off and scammed to last a lifetime and not gonna let it happen to me again. thanks for the comments.

@backing out ***sumer

backing out consumer,

We take customer service seriously, and would like to understand your experience better. Please email me directly at Thanks - Keri


JSlick0677, We're very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the level of service you received. We appreciate the opportunity to look into this further for you.

Could you please email me directly at so that I may get you in contact with the area manager? Thanks - Keri