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The sales material used does not clearly explain all of the exclusions the warranty will not cover. Everything that has gone wrong has not been covered, even an internal error of an electrical part.

I was pressured into buying the warranty because it was explained to me that “ I would be stupid not to do it” because of all of the electrical things on cars.

The sales manager explained anything that wears and tears is not covered but all electronic components are. I was lied to and misled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Car Sales Car Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I recommend never purchasing anything from enterprise car sales. I came in and I was search for vehicles and I found one I liked it and the employees were very greeting and then I sign off on the vehicle sound great right!

Didn’t tell I wait like 3 hours for the process and explained how I have to pay for the car which was 16,000 and explain everything else as far as payment per month and no one explained to me that I would have such a high APR and an extra 13,000 in taxes and fee. Could you believe that enterprise car sales is a terrible place if you going to pay 29,000 for a used car.

@Pedro navarro

In ur contact it goes over that information.. it will shows u ur interest rate, ur amount and how long ur term is at the top..

maybe u didn’t pay attention or didn’t see it. But it’s all covered they can’t give u a contact without providing that information.

Plus it in bold big print letters lol surprise u didn’t see it.. with my experience i saw all of it..


good to know. i won't be doing business with them.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you can provide a few additional details we'd like to know more and help out.

Please email with your contact information, your sales details, and all the information above so we can address this further.

Thank you. –Carol H.