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Two months ago, I purchased a 2016 Dodge Caravan at Enterprise Car Sales Stevens Creek- along with the extended warranty. I was assured by the Enterprise Car Sales person, Rebecca, and Finance Manager that if anything electrical/mechanical goes wrong, my vehicle will be taken care of (2 years/24,000 miles); rental included. Just need to go to any dealership. (Extra $1000)

About one month ago, my sliding door wouldn’t open. And about two days after, the door eventually opened, but made a weird noise when locking the vehicle. I called Enterprise Stevens Creek to fix my car and they gave me a 800 number to call. I called the 800 number and was given the Dodge dealership on Stevens Creek to make an appt. Fast forward to today- went to my appt and was told by Service Advisor, Antonio, that my extended warranty might not cover the sliding door if it doesn’t “fail”. Antonio told me that if the extended warranty did not cover the motor for the sliding door, and I don’t want to fix the door out of my own pocket, that I was still liable to pay the diagnostic fee ($200). Antonio said that I’m taking a risk if the warranty won’t cover it. I was shocked. He advised me to go to Enterprise and that they should take care of me since I recently purchased my vehicle.

I did call Assurance, the company that provides the extended warranty and said in order to see if they would replace the motor, the dealership needed to do the diagnostic. (So if I do the diagnostic and Assurance won’t approve the claim, I still have to pay the $200 diagnostic fee that Dodge is charging).

I went to Enterprise Stevens Creek and spoke with Mike- who I later found out is the manager there. I explained the situation and he basically told me that they can’t do anything and since it sounds like the car might “fail” for the diagnostic- I should just wait it out. WOW. I was disappointed. I couldn’t believe that this is how Enterprise was being represented. I was lead to believe that Enterprise cared about their customers but the answer Mike gave definitely showed the complete opposite. I left Enterprise Stevens Creek Cars Sales feeling not only disappointed, but deceived into buying the extended warranty- believing that it would not be an issue to fix the car.

I was upset going into work after all this. I told my coworker who referred me to purchase a car there, spoke with with Baby, another sales rep at Enterprise- she said that they work as a team and that she overheard my conversation with Mike. She did say that I should have been told that the customer might pay the dealership the diagnostic fee just in case they don’t find anything wrong with the car. These are the rules so customers don’t take advantage of the warranty. “Not saying that’s you-but there’s rules.”

All I want is to fix my sliding door so it doesn’t make a noise when I lock it. I don’t want to wait until the door won’t open again. I thought my extended warranty would cover it- but the rules might cost me $200 if Assurance won’t cover the claim. At this point- as ridiculous as it sounds, I guess I will just wait until the sliding door won’t open again.


I just bought this van January 2018.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Car Sales Car Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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We appreciate your feedback and review and will happily pass this information onto our Stevens Creek Car Sales upper management team. If you'd like to speak with them directly, please email care@enterprise.com with your contact information, VIN, stock number, or sales details, and any additional details.

Thank you. -Carol H.


Recently purchased a vehicle from enterprise and was considering their extended warranty..


This is crazy! I am on my way to buy a car from them and found this thread because I was thinking about the warranty. Now, not only do I want to not get the warranty, I don't know if I should get the car either.


Wow, I was actually thinking about buying a car from these guys. Thinking twice about it if this is the service they provide after the sale.!


Review #1209975,We want our service to be the best around and want to speak with you about your experience.Please email Care@Enterprise.com with your contact information, detailed sales information, exact Car Sales location, and all the details above so we can address this with you.We look forward to hearing from you!-Carol H.


I am buying a truck from them tomorrow. They keep speaking highly of their warrant company. Looks like this warranty company is as terrible as the rest of them!


Stay away from their warranty, I'm having the same issue as many of the other people on this blog. They will not cover the cost of diagnostics.