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I purchased a $2400 extended warranty from Enterprise Car Sales. Once I saw the balance on my loan was so high (after putting $5,000 down on a $7999 car), I called about the balance, learned it was in part because of the $2400 warranty, and then cancelled the extended warranty policy. The Enterprise Sales person told me he faxed it in on 8/4. However, the change still hasn't appeared on the Chase Bank (lender) website, and they tell me it takes 6 to 8 weeks. In addition, the Enterprise Sales manager blocked my email. Nice.

In the meantime, I found another warranty from AA Auto for $1698 with $100 deductible, which will work fine.

I think Enterprise Car Salespeople are very slick, particularly in what they don't tell you.

Do not recommend Enterprise Car Sales.

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this company keep call me to come down to buy a car , i saw one one line i like went there, they did the credit check with 3 banks a 1 approve with$1300 down i explain to them i wanted no money down . we waited for the other 2 banks buy then i want to put the $1300 down and ask to see the car ,sale told me another employee had the car out and using it for personal use , i was very upset to hear this .

when employees take company car for personal use they do all kinder thing to it.

I going do a google review about this to warn customers. been 2 weeks since this happen has not heard back from enterprise company


Mary_T.001, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences. If we can help out, please email with the details above, your contact information, our sales office location, and your sales details.

Thank you. – Carol H.