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This journey started with me picking out a Toyota Highlander and even though it was in another state the sales person assured me it would be held for me and transported to the Salt Lake office. So after a few days I called back and was told it was still en-route .. a few days later I called again (Alway ME calling never them!). This was when they admitted they screwed up and someone else had bought the car, almost 2 weeks later! Also I never talked with the same person twice, very confusing and time consuming.

So I was able to pick out another one albeit with more miles on it for about the same price. So I called them and they needed a $1000 delivery fee to transport it to the SLC office. I gave them my credit card over the phone and was told the car should be in SLC in a week. So after weeks and weeks of me calling them, never ever them calling me. The 07' Highlander FINALLY arrives and I go to meet them and pick it up. (This is six weeks of me asking WTH I spent $1000 on!) Also I should mention that the SLC office said they "did the 109 point inspection a second time, just to be sure".

This is the first time I get to see the car, the wiper arms are badly rusted, the tires are loud, the windshield looks like ***, and the brakes are scary. The smooth talking jack-*** that I am dealing with said this would all be taken care of. But NO ONE EVER RETURNED MY CALLS!

After not getting any results I had the back end checked out because the noise was disturbingly LOUD. It turns out the back bearings are shot, and it was only a matter of time before the back wheels fell off. Well I had purchased an extended warranty and this was a textbook case of exactly what it covered. However even though I'm going to a dealership that THEY RECOMMENDED, they dragged their feet and took almost TWO WEEKS to approve the repair. Balking about the price ($1300)! I sure as *** wasn't paying for it! Finally long after the return period the back end is fixed. But this is only the beginning!!

So the result of that repair is that the noise was reduced somewhat. I had it looked at and the tires are SHOT, as in they have never ever been rotated. I tried calling them and got the run around, with someone telling me that a manager will call me back. This went on for weeks and I NEVER heard from anyone .. as per usual I had to initiate all calls.

I for a while I just drove with the noise and turned up the radio, Enterprise doesn't seem to care one bit once they have your money. Then when I was having the oil changed, I had a peek under the car and was a bit shocked to be honest. The back tires were badly worn down to the belts on the INSIDE edge. They looked fine if you just walked around the car. This explained the weird handling on slick roads. Also there is RUST everywhere!!!

I asked the mechanic what he thought, and he said it needed an alignment and that the tires were not safe to drive on. It was then that I spotted the bent suspension arm on the back axle.

So then I had him order tires (for a car I've had less than 3 months!) and the suspension part (this cost me about $1000 labor, parts, tires, ALIGNMENT). It took a few trips to get this resolved as the bolts were rusted so badly they had to be chiseled off and new ones ordered. But it drove much quieter. The tendency for the back end trying to pass me on the left was gone too.

Next chapter...

So the brakes have been getting slightly worse the whole time and I got a quote to redo the brakes, not cheap, about $700 because the rotors are grooved and warped to ***. The super cheap carbon brake pads are about 1mm thick .. almost gone, its a good thing I had them looked at!

That would not have been so bad, but the rotors where RUSTED SOLID on the hubs, and had to be drilled off!! *** another $300 in labor!

Finally I'm having a real hard time seeing through the windshield, especially when the sun shines on it at an angle, it is pitted to *** and has many cracks and chips. I got that replaced for about $300.

It hadn't even been 6 months!

This was 3 years ago, it took me 4~5 months to accomplish what Enterprise SHOULD HAVE DONE from day one. It has cost me about $2,300 and countless hours of aggravation trying to get these people to do their jobs!

The reason I'm writing this now is that it turns out Enterprise DOES CALL you back, once a year ... looking for sales leads, UNF**** believable!! So that brings up the whole disaster for me every time. This time I searched around for others who are pissed off about this pack of wild idiots, and found this website.

The first couple of times they told me a manager would call me back when I told them I warn my friends away from the complete and utter disaster of Enterprise Car Sales. That has been a consistent lie, no one has EVER called me back to address my concerns.

I think I might send this story to our local paper .. there is an Enterprise office at our airport, maybe we can run them out of town!

Monetary Loss: $2300.

  • unsafe brakes
  • bad windshield
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