Edmond, Oklahoma

hyundai-accent-2009 found to be in an accident and Hyundai repair on I-35, found the damage that was not revealed Sept. 16, Dahl took left front door panel off and found the damage and showed it to me.

Reported it to Enterprise-E. Memorial Rd. Mr.Klaus Fairweather and he said"how do I know you did not have and accident and cover it up" Allstate had found it when reviewing hail damage, Body Works saw it when they repaired hail damage, the rental sales-enterprise was informed, person named Devin.

Notified Consumer UMVPC.OK.gov, consumer complaint. I am shocked and depressed.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I also bought a wrecked car -Volvo s60 from enterprise that they showed me to be accident free. Does anybody know if there is anything I can do?


:grin first off why is So True and but you got & days so CRUNK!!! How do you know what these people been through?

You dont know them!!!!! YOU MUST BE AN ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATE BUT ANYWAYS Im also trying to get a car from enterprise I am not sure if I should proceed with them because of what I read.

Also you cant just say you have 7 days to bring it back, how do u know these people car aint break down within 10 days??!!! come on now So True and but you got 7 days!!!!!


Looks like Enterprise employs some good soldiers, rushing to defend their corporate fuhrer from slanderous blasphemy. I've never purchased a car from them, but I use them relatively often and exclusively.

They're a little better than their competiton, but not remotely as good as the used to be. Too many knuckleheads who really don't seem to care.

Whattaya gonna do? It is what it is...


:grin. I worked for Enterprise Car Sales in and they will stop in their tracks to give you a great car and great experience.

You are buying a used car,it's not brand new.

Alot of dealers buy cars from Enterprise so please don't buy from the orginal owners and see what you get then... real disappointment


first of all the car wasnt involved in a major accident. A minor fender bender perhaps.

If Enterprise sold bad cars why would they give you 7 days after the sale to try it out no obligation with the option to return it? If they were bad cars people would just return them after they took it to the mechanic within the 7 day buyback guarantee. I have purchased many cars from Enterprise.

They are a professional car business that hire college graduates not stiffs to treat the clients with the upmost integrity and respect. Stop overexagerating.