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I wrote this and sent to all the corporate administrators in Enterprise Holdings including the president just in case someone didn't get it:

I am writing you today to forward an attempt to cover up a very bad business deal that one of your employees attempted to establish today. I am in the process of completing a purchase of one of your vehicles at the location below.

The Car Salesman I have been working with is Mr. C, and the finance manager I also worked with ultimately am writing to you about is Mr. H.

I came to enterprise to purchase a vehicle on February 15, 2012. I read an AD on the President's Day special to trade in a vehicle and get blue book value plus $750 towards the purchase of the vehicle.

The salesman, Mr. C, took my information and has been very nice in trying to help get what I really wanted. Mr. H w began assisting him when the original vehicle I wanted was no longer in the inventory. Mr. C asked if there was another vehicle that I would like instead, I explained I was renting and car now and I would like this one because I have enjoyed it very much. I chose a different vehicle that happened to be just like the rental I was driving at the time that was from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They did not have one on the lot and the tried to sell me a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. After I explained to them that I wanted it to be exactly or at least similar to the 2012 Dodge Caravan Crew that I was currently driving The vehicle is a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew. They found one in stock and I was able to purchase it.

I was assured that it would have the features I wanted and would fit to what I was already experiencing. They said they had one currently going through inspection and that it will be available so we went through the financing for it. However, the vehicle they sold me is in need of repair. I was told when I checked the vehicle out with the salesman that it would have the UConnect Blue tooth Service enabled as it was not working. I said this was a major issue and could not purchase without out it.

I signed the papers that evening and took it home knowing I had time to see if I really wanted to keep it. I noticed that that the side door rattles on the driver side, one of the cigarette lighters does not work and the floor mats are missing. This vehicle costs $20,000 and it just came through a 109 point inspection for more than 2 days and I have to point out these issues. At one point the vehicle was at the dealership for some type of issue that was cause to make it take longer.

I called on Saturday and spoke with Mr. C about these issues and to find out when my car could go into the shop. He said he would speak with his manager and schedule an appointment. I told him I would be there after 2pm so I would like to know before I got there what would happen. I got there aft 4p unfortunately, but Mr. C was still there and I asked what happened. He said he left a message trying coordinating a time but I had not returned his call. I explained that I missed it and did not know he left the message. I asked could we do it on Monday since most likely the Dodge service department was probably closed on Sunday. He agreed and said he would call me when he got in at 9 AM.

On Monday, today Mr. C did not call me around 9 AM, so I called him close to 10 AM. he said he was in a meeting and need to call and schedule my appointment. Well, I also to him I needed to see the carfax on this vehicle while we were getting so many things repaired. Afterwards, he did not return my call. Then, I called him back and he said that Dodge had him on hold for a long time and they could not see the vehicle today, so he was going to call them back. After this call Mr. H called men to ask me about the issues I was having. He said he wanted to get a verbal agreement for me to agree to purchase the vehicle if they got the repairs. I was shocked. I told him that I had no problem buying the car until now, then I paused and asked what was the issue. He said that it was going to cost $600 to get just the Bluetooth working in the vehicle. He suggests that at least we should go "Halv-zeez" on it. Whereas they would pay $300 and I would pay $300. Who does that?

My question for you is how worry free is this, haggle free, or hassle free? I work for the Department of Defense, and I have never dealt with this in my life in business. There is an air of mystery around this deal and this vehicle. Having to buy a new vehicle is already stressful, but bartering over something that I was promised is ridiculous. This employee of yours called me while I am at work to barter on a repair or repairs that I was told was in the car and checked through your professional inspection. There are too many issues here. To get what I was promised I am asked to give up what is owed to me which is the 7-Day policy to choose what I want to do about the car without pressure.

What also concerns me, is that they knew about this since Friday, and that it was a deal-breaker. Why stall me till today, when I could have shopped elsewhere for the car with the features that I want. Then after I was speak to him no further, he sent me a txt message and the email below, that states in the subject that they will fix it with no cost to me.

However this email he sent to me shows that he was supposed to have just gotten the approval from some other manager. So then what was the last three days of approval? Specifically, when it was seemingly already approved, while I was signing the papers and driving off the lot with keys? Something is Fishy, and I feel pressured and rushed and hassled, now I have to haggle too. No, it's not worth it. I don't know about these people your business but I should not have to spend my money like this. I do not have much money but I will not spend what I do have getting the run-around. Nor, should I be asked to give verbal approval over the phone to purchase a vehicle that costs $20,000 if a repair is made or if I want the opportunity to give it back I should go in half way on the repair. No one is going in half on the $20,000. That bill is mine alone.

i have spoke with my lawyer, and advised that this does not seem like a good deal or good business and unfortunately she had bought a car from enterprise once herself.

Therefore, I want the opportunity to purchase a vehicle elsewhere and spend my money how I choose without being hassled like this. In doing so, I do not want to lose $200 dollars because of the 7-Day policy, when it was this type of customer service that brought me to this decision. Not the vehicle. I don't have to business like this and I won't with anybody.

Regardless of the vehicle, I will not work with these people any more. To dissolve the issue I require return of my $3000 down payment back, and the $255 I spent for tire and wheel service also. Additionally, I want the title and my car back for the trade-in of my 1995 Audi Cabriolet. I felt violated by this experience, as if I was buying a car off some shady car salesman on some dusty road in a field somewhere, and not an internationally recognized car company.

However, I look forward to hearing from someone above the people who work in this location very soon about this whole ordeal.

Not a "Haggle-free buying " experience for me.

The email I forwarded said this in the subject: "We are going to pay for the Bluetooth for you. I basically told my mrg we need to do this for you."

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:( I purchased a 2005 subaru imprezza from enterprise in charlotte,n.c. and it has been nothing but a black hole in space which I have had to dump money into.

The car at this point has only 80,000 miles on it has needed the brakes replaced @ 30,000 and now needs a transmission (valve body)(transfer case selanoid )replaced to the tune of $15,00.00 This seems quite a low milage for so many large repairs for a car which is known for it's durability and capacity for long lasting high milage capabilities.I feel you sold me a lemon for a undue high price considering all the problems it has had .

I will never recomend you for sales or rentals , in fact quite the opposit.

Very unhappy in Charlotte! :(


Hi, my name is Keri and I work for Enterprise. We received your email and are sorry to hear about your experience. I have notified the appropriate person, and you should be hearing from them shortly.