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I bought a 2014 Kia Soul, at Tampa Enterprise Car Sales, with reportedly 36+ K miles on it.

A gal named Chelsea, no longer there, called to illicit my business. I told her Tampa was too far and I did not want to be in a position where I would have to deal with Tampa with my car.

She assured me that the one time trip would be worth it. We spoke of cars the size for which I was in the market. I got there and dealt with salesperson, Dustin, who took 4 unannounced 20 minute cigarette breaks, leaving me there, at his desk, unattended each time. The manager James dealt with the finances.

He was emphatic that they aim to please and want repeat business. ALL these individuals assured me that the car I ordered SIGHT UNSEEN would be delivered as promised, as new only with 36+ miles on it. They each promised they would look it over to insure that it was as promised...Not only they but another gal, who sells insurance,( I can supply her name, but am without my notes as I write), promised to inspect my car carefully before delivering it. No one had, and it arrived with so much wrong, including no cd player which I was promised it would have.

Stupidly, I handed the proven incompetent salesperson Dustin, the certified check in full payment. This is even though he did not announce that he would be late and came to the meeting place 3 HOURS after our appointment. I did not check the odometer. I did not look over the car.

I did not see that it had no cd player. I did ask for Dustin's reassurance that all was as promised. I even handed him a tip for which he never thanked me. I was there until 6PM the day I purchased the car.

I was lied to about what would transpire. They supplied me a small rental, even though I had been emphatic that I was purchasing the Kisa Soul for its size, needing the space to sell items at flea markets. I told them repeatedly, while shopping for the car, that I thrive on cd's, teaching and motivational, and I intended to do much driving in search for a new place to live and need a cd player. They had promised it would certainly be in my car.

Worst of all the car drives very poorly. It must need a new transmission or something to get it to drive well. Another person, Darlene, who picked it up and delivered it again, had lied that she would represent my car issues well and also check it over before she returned it. They had the car a week and returned it with many of the dings and chips repaired, but some not and it had a new dent.

They did not put in the cd player and James told me that smugly. "I did not give you a cd player." I answered, "I was told it had a cd player and it doesn't. You had the car and refused to make it right." He said, "I will talk to Dustin about it." What kind of answer was that! It was originally delivered with a few hundred more miles than promised and I wound up getting it with very many more hundreds of miles on it, about 38.

They did not address the mold smelling window leaking into the door, for which the Kia and Hudai are notorious. I was lied to about the insurance I purchased for $1000 dollars extra. I was told it would cover the small things until my car has 100K on it, but the paper work shows it is good for slightly more than 20K...They are liars and thieves and DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR THERE! Of course, do not do as I did..TRUST them.

Do not be *** and buy a car sight unseen, as I did. I payed over $300 to have this car brought form Miami to Tampa...Insane, but I chose to trust these very dishonest sales people, despite the stereotype. I have a car with a lot of issues. I am insured, yet, when they had the car for a week to address the issues they simply chose to ignore them...The buck stops with James who was happy to announce that he ignored my requests.....Again, DO NOT BE A FOOL AND TRUST THAT COMPANY!!!

I regret I have taken so long to issue my complaint here, but I have been very put out by my unreliable car. I did not mention all the problems, but some of the key issues.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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