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I purchased a 2007 Jeep Commander just a year ago. The extended warranty (power train warranty) that Enterprise offered with the sale of the car was a main point in purchasing the vehicle. Then, when the warranty was just about up, I received a trasmission code when I took the car in for a engine light on the dash. The car would not speed up past 20 mph and all the gears would light up as if you were currently driving in all of them.

The issue ended up being a faulty Atutomatic transmission shift module and had to be completely replaced. Since I was advised by the sales manager that this was a transmission issue that the warranty should be no problem and I would not have to pay a penny for the repair.

Once the part is in stock at the repair facitiliy and ready to go, we find out that Enterprise will not honor this repair as it is considered "inside" the transmission and they only cover "outside" repairs.

Obviously, my car will not run without this repair and it needs to be fixed and is also considered part of the entire power train. Even the repair facility told me to fight on this one.

We also currently have reservations for a week long car rental with Enterprise in December and they will ultimately lose that business as well.

The only respose we can get from Enterprise is "I'm sorry you feel that way"

Well I am also sorry they feel that way. Because of this, I will no longer be sending my business to Enterprise car sales and will advise that friends and family do not either.

This could be a loss to them more than the repair would have cost them.

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My husband and I were planning on purchasing a car from enterprise this week. I have read all of the comments and I can’t believe the horrible experiences people have had with them. I have definitely changed my mind !


Two years ago, I purchased a 2005 Toyota Sequoia from the Toyota dealership. Because of the mileage, I decided to purchase a car warranty.

I called carchex to purchase the warranty, and unbeknownst to me, it was a warranty through enterprise care warranties. So, this salesmen I spoke to assured me that it covered everything, powertrain, windows, air conditioning, everything. So, of course I got excited and purchased this warranty for 2,077 dollars. Now the other day, as my husband was driving it down the street, the car started to slow down, and came to a complete stop.

No warnings on the dashboard or anything. It just slowed, and stopped completely. Then, I called AAA, but that's another story. I called AAA they came and towed my car to the Toyota dealership.

I was informed that my car would be torn down in order to find what the problem was. And the cost would be 538 dollars, if the claim was denied. They did the work and discovered that the seal and gasket went bad so that's what caused the leak. I tried contacting Ronnie from Enterprise car rental, who denied my claim.

When I called Ronnie, he did not answer, nor did he return my call. I then proceeded to call my own mechanic. He advised me that something had to cause the seal and gasket to go bad. It doesn't just go bad on its own.

He also referred me to a mechanic that fixed powertrains, and he advised me the same thing. So I called enterprise to speak with the gentleman who denied my claim, and needless to say, I'm still waiting on a call back from him. So I called Toyota back again, and this time they advised me that there was a sealant used instead of a gasket. That's what caused the problem, they said.

These car warranties are a rip off because most problems that you have with the power train are caused my seals and gaskets. Being that I am not mechanically inclined, when I hear everything, I assume everything, like the salesman said. So therefore, do not buy a warranty because nine times out of ten, you will be out 2700 dollars, the cost of the warranty, the cost of the breakdown of the car, and still have the cost to repair the car. I will be filing a claim with the better business beareau, and I am still waiting for Ronnie to call repaire.

Do not buy a car warranty from this company, as they have provided terrible costumer service and the salesman from carchex lied.

I will keep you posted if Ronnie calls me back. You have not heard the end of me yet.


I bought a Nissan Versa 2012 and my warranty is apparently expired and have to cover my cost. None of my friends can believe that the warranty is expired on a new car.

My car would not move past 20 either and everything else was fine.

Apparently its the solenoid which can cost anywhere between 500 to 1500 dollars which will not be covered. I suggest checking out the warranty before making final decisions.


Reading some of these stories is now making me regret buying my car through Enterprise...... Maybe I should speak to my husband about it.

We still have till Wednesday through the "seven day" return policy..... :?


I Had a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and it needed the rear differentials and the enterprise warranty did not want cover any of the parts or the labor also my brother had a 2003 Benz E class and the brake sensors went out they did not want cover any of it. They will find a way to get you “OHH on page 31 it says if you don’t keep it properly maintained you are not cover, I would not recommended to anyone.


That is bad I can't belive they are *** people


so sorry to hear of your issue but very happy to see that it was resolved!


UPDATE!!!! I just spoke with Enterprise on this issue.

It has been resolved and they are reimbursing me for the cost of the repairs. At the time pissedconsumer.com does not allow you to remove negative feedback so I wanted to post an update


Dear Koffey27,

This is Marianne from Enterprise Car Sales. I'm sorry about the issues you had with your Jeep repair.

We would like to help get this resolved for you. Please contact me at csbusdev@erac.com with a good way to contact you (phone, email, or both).