Waddell, Arizona
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I purchased a car from Enterprise Car Sales in June and at that time I was promised a 2nd ignition key and remote access fob. As of today, October 19, I still have not received it.

I have made numerous calls and all I get is "the supplier is really backlogged". I have offered to get the key myself but they won't reimburse me due to their deep discounts.

Apparently their deep discounts are more important than customer satisfaction! I definately won't recommend Enterprise Car Sales or Don at the 91st Ave in Peoria, Az store to anyone.

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to enterprise fans--ofcourse it s a key we all know that-- every single car owner that i know--has two or more keys to the same car..not to mention-when the car salesman tells you that he will have a key made and dont worry it will be taken care of in a couple of days--that is what one would expect--not to have to drive out of our way on our time after spending our hard working money and trusting enterprise-going into past the 7 day period and still no word on the issue-no returned phone calls---when does it stop??p.s. it does not take months not even days to have a key made and programed--come on seriousley???if only i had seen this post year ago--unfortunately just a little to late


"And yes, ordering keys can take months at a time because they have to order them sometimes half way across the country".


She bought a car not a mule to take them " half way across the country" to get the key.


Lady its a key. Does the car run good?

Did you get the 7 days to try it out no-obligation? And yes, ordering keys can take months at a time because they have to order them sometimes half way across the country. Lets be an adult and no vent online.

If the car blows up or you experience bad mechanical service then you can vent. Please



This is Marianne from Enterprise Car Sales. We're sorry to hear about your experience and we'd like to make it right. Please email us at csbusdev@erac.com with the best way to contact you.