Saint Peters, Missouri
Not resolved

I recently purchased a 2014 ChryslerTown and Country. It had 42000 at purchase.

Upon leaving with the vehicle, somewhere within the time that i test drove it and it was detailed, cleaner got into the casing of the speedometer and left spray marks on the inside of the glass. I was told that it didnt cause a problem with the speedometer, so they would not fix the issue. Within a week of owning this van, it dveloped hundreds of pits in the windshield, an oil leak, and needed an alignment. Enterprise covered the oil leak and the alignment, but blamed the windshield on me.

I also noticed rust in the paint in the rear legt wheel well, a missing plastic piece on the rear seat that covers the seat hinges, and a missing wheel well cover panel inside of the rear right wheel well. I didn't bother to call about these other issues because I realized it is pointless and they will not fix these issues either. The 109 point inspection is total bs and I'm pretty sure that these are not really done.

I came to Enterprise because I believed in their inspection policy and thought that I would receive an almost brand new car with no issues. I was wrong.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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