Edmond, Oklahoma
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After a month of ownership of this vehicle, a 2010 Dodge Caliber SXT, I have only been able to drive the car for a cumulative of 7 days. I first reported 2 days after acquiring the vehicle that since the rain I have found a puddle of water in the rear floor board behind the drivers' seat. I took the car back to Enterprise Car Sales on Memorial and was told since it was still under manufacturers' warranty they would take it back to the dealer for repair. I was called by Chance at Enterprise 3 days later and told my car was fixed.

When I got the car back not only was the floor board still wet but after it raining again more water had accumulated. So I contacted Chance at Enterprise again. He had me bring the car back for repair. This time I also told him the "change oil" light kept coming on, the interior lights did not work, and the maps lights did not work. He stated that he would have those issued looked at. At this time I told him this was ridiculous and I was not a satisfied customer and I wanted to discuss either being sure to have the car repairs done correctly this time, trading out the vehicle for another (of which there were 3 others on the lot the day I bought mine), or just refunding my money and I would go elsewhere. Again I was without my car for almost a week. This time when Chance called I was told the leak was found and fixed, the interior and map lights required a part that would take about a week to get in, and then it should only be a quick fix and I could be on my way.

I received a call about four days later from Chance who told me the part was in, so I brought the car in to get the repairs done, again I stated the floor board was still wet and had not dried out from before, the "change oil" light was coming on and since these items should have been a part of their pre inspection before they sold the car I wanted something done about it. Chance told me he would have it looked into while it was in for repair.

I received a call from Chance about 3 days later and he told me that while fixing the interior and map lights the dealership had broken my windshield. I again was going to have to wait for my car. This time I had to wait 7 days because the windshield had to be ordered and then installed. When Chance called me to let me know the windshield was done and all the repairs were made, I came to pick up the car.

At that time I noticed some problems with some seals not being correct and pointed them out to Chance, I advised him that he needed to contact the dealer and schedule for me to be able to come back and let them look at it, he told me he would do so. Then, once I got it home and inspected the car I notice my $100 parking sticker was missing, there are exposed wires in the back floor board, and the "change oil" light was still coming on. He then told me that I would have to contact the dealership myself because he was no longer going to be a middle man, he gave me the name of the Service Manager and I immediately called my attorney, research lemon law and other various ways to get my issue resolved, and wrote out this letter for clarification.

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My name is Keri and I work at Enterprise Car Sales. We're sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the service received. Please email us at csbusdev@erac.com with the best way to contact you, and which branch you purchased a car through, and we will work to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.