Rochester, Washington
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I bought a 2013 Nissan Rogue. I made it clear that time was critical and

the vehicle was needed immediately for use. When I picked up the vehicle the warning light for the tires was on. The salesman said it was because he turned sharp while exiting the car wash and the light would go off shortly. When I brought the vehicle in for new tires at Les Schwab the technician told me the tire sensor was broken because the vehicle had been hit and the sensor. Compartment damaged.

Enterprise in Tacoma must have hit something but they didn't want to risk losing the sale, they didn't want to offer a discount, and they didn't want to give me the truth so I could decide what to do at the time. I believe they knew I was pressed for time and chose to deal underhandedly rather than lose a sale.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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As part of the human race.I consider myself a mature adult, and don't reflect blame when I don't use common sense when making an adult decision.I can't see how you would buy without having all in writing on the contract.Ignorance is no excuse for stupidity.