So, maybe it was a bit my fault since I had never returned his phone call afterwards. Yet, is it my responsibility to take time out of my day to return their call just to let them know that I'm still not interested and to stop calling? You would assume that after a few non-returned phone calls, he would get the point and stop trying.

This guy working for Enterprise Car Sales first called me and told me about the program. I informed him I was not interested, but he said if I ever changed my mind and think about it while I was renting their car, I could give him a call after I returned my rental car. I never called back.

During the course of my one week rental, as well as a couple weeks after, he left me a total of 15 MISSED CALLS and VOICEMAILS. Same salesman. He called once-twice a week at different times, sometimes from different numbers.This went on for about three weeks. Finally after the third week, I assume he gave up and moved on. I never called them back because I didn't feel like it was my responsibility. Why do I want to speak to a pushy salesman?

I just found this very aggravating for someone to call me that many times!

First, I was not interested because the rental car I was given, although appeared very nice, [2014 Dodge Avenger] there were a few minor problems (such as the front window auto button not working, back window not closing all the way and having to push it up BY HAND, I was very surprised with only a few thousand miles on it to already have such issues. I can only imagine if I had BOUGHT a car a lot older, from them.

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