Tampa, Florida

We bought a 2011 Kia Soul from Enterprise Car Sales in Tampa on April 30, 2012. The day after the car was delivered to us, I called Enterprise about 2 scraped wheel rims and missing tire valve caps and second key-remote not present. We were told that the wheels would not be replaced because they were "functional", but they supplied us with a second remote. I installed the tire valves caps myself.

In the beginning of July, we noticed that an air vent on the driver's side was broken. We took the car to a nearby Kia dealer (Wesley Chapel, FL) to have the air vent replaced (no charge). Kia also replaced the engine computer as part of a hidden warranty. Gas mileage increased by 8 MPG! (from 23 to 31 mpg, city). Kia did well by us, but NOT Enterprise Car Sales.

We were given a mechanics report that indicated a need for major fluid changes, both filters, low coolant level and tire rotation. These cost to perform these maintenance items was listed as $528.

At home, I verified that the engine oil was dirty and the transmission fluid was YELLOW instead of its normal bright red. That these maintenance items were never done makes a lie out of Enterprise's "109-point vehicle inspection. I doubt that ANY of these maintenance items were ever done on this car since it was NEW.

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worry free ownership???yeah rite!!!109 vehicle inspection???


Cleveland, If you are having any issues, please reach out to us at csbusdev@erac.com. I'm sorry to hear you are not happy with your puchase and would be happy to address your concerns.

Thanks - Keri


The Tampa Sales office of enterprise auto sales told to contact their service shop directly to get my complaint of getting an unserviced car delivered. I spoke with a gent there and was told that since the car had come from Miami, they would have to be consulted before anyone in Tampa could help me.

I was told that he would call me back when he knew more about why this had happened. We're now in August, and I haven't heard back yet from the Tampa service shop.

I called them a month ago, and was told the gent I spoke to had gone on vacation. Before I could utter another word, they hung up!


Sandra, thanks for sharing your experience. We would like to put you in contact with the appropriate person to discuss your situation further.

You should be hearing from someone shortly, could you also please email me at csbusdev@erac.com? Thanks - Keri


I purchased a 2008 Chrysler P.T. Cruiser from the Enterprise on South Kingshighway in St.

Louis July 25, 2011. This dealer was recommended to me. The very first day, I noticed that the air wasn't blowing as I headed to work and the car made a loud bucking sound which scared the stuffing out of me. I called and was told to bring the car in the next day.

Rick, the manager said that I needed to keep the air on a certain setting (what, I should be able to set as I like) in order for it to work. I called two other times, I was sent somewhere on Gravois (Auto Repair). Nothing was found to be the problem. Then my brakes could be heard from 2 blocks away, I called, brought the car in to Rick and was sent to somewhere way out and again nothing was done.

I began to get the feeling that the Auto shops received some kind of kickbacks for saying that nothing was wrong and if they could keep the customer from using the warranty that was promised for 12mos/12,000 miles.

This summer I have had no air at all. When I turned the air on, their was none and their was a loud sound and grinding with smoke coming out of the front end which scared some people who saw it and me too. I have been driving in this heat with cooler and cold drinks, but no air in a car that I paid 11,000 + dollars for.

I am so upset, disappointed, and hot that I am writing corporate and Chrysler if I get no response. When I took car to someone outside of Enterprise over a month ago, they were able to spot a problem with the air that no one connected with Enterprise sees. I don't have the money to get that fixed and I asked Rick twice if they would fix the problem since I noticed it the first day I bought the car and he said all they could do was to send it to a shop they deal with and I could get their discount.

That doesn't help me and I have been getting sick all summer due to the heat. I traded my car in due to no heat and the age, but it was an excellent running vehicle.

Enterprise Car Sales

Thanks for reaching out to us, I'm sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your purchase, and we would like to work with you to resolve any issues. Could you please email me at csbusdev@erac.com?

Please let me know the best way to contact you. Thanks - Keri